2016 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Owners Manual

2016 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Manual. review: because it released 13 years ago, bentley’s continental gt has visible a number of incremental improvements. at the beginning available completely powered by way of volkswagen’s complicated, compact w-12, the child bentley noticed possibly its largest trade when a v-eight engine option became available for 2013. sporting the flying b accented with red, as opposed to the conventional black of the 12-cylinder automobiles, the v-eight models barely suffered in straight-line overall performance, at the same time as the decreased weight at the nose made the 21st century’s beverly hills taxi a whole lot more a laugh to hurl down a winding road.

2016 Bentley Continental GT V8

2016 Bentley Continental GT V8

what’s new: even as bentley’s w-12 models obtain a revised engine for 2016, the continental gt v8 s maintains with the equal 521-hp variant of the volkswagen group’s four.zero-liter dual-faster v-8. all contis get revised, sharper creases inside the sheetmetal, a smaller grille, and a restyled decklid. inside, the guidance wheel shrinks a piece, the middle console has been redone, and new substances choices are to be had, together with stone veneers for people who choose to knock on something a color harder than timber and less common than carbon fiber. in a sop to fashionable existence, in-vehicle wi-fi now could be an available alternative.

what we love: while the w-12 has sufficient grunt to tow a principality and gives a completely unique howl while beneath load—mainly inside the over-the-top speed models—the lighter v-8 continentals are the undisputed athletes of crewe’s line. driven hard, the v8 s seems to drop 1500 pounds, behaving like a smaller, nimbler, lighter system than it truely is, reminding the motive force of its proper mass only as it nears its extensive limits. some other cutting-edge vw organization velocity sled, the porsche 911 rapid s, seems to paintings totally via a few dark magic solid from the unholy bowels of weissach. now not so with the conti.

you can experience the big bruiser’s front wheels placed themselves to paintings pulling the car out of tight corners. it comes off almost like an overgrown audi game quattro with out the Eighties clunkiness or laughable rapid lag. as it’s miles in audi’s range of supersaloons, the snarling four.zero-liter v-eight is an unflappable powerplant, offering urge whenever it’s required. it’s not quite as visceral and violent as amg’s new four.0-liter, but it better fits the bentley’s greater-reserved individual than the roaring, cracking factor from affalterbach.

what we don’t like: like nearly all very high priced british cars (save, possibly, mclarens), architectures and the models they spawn continue to be inside the lineup lengthy after age might’ve spelled death in greater-aggressive, mainstream segments. it’s a syndrome that sometimes effects in engaging unintentional throwbacks like the refreshingly analog aston martin vantage gt, but the bentley winds up feeling a bit brief of a charmingly quirky relic. alternatively, it feels barely out of section with itself. force a continental gt v8 s lower back-to-again with, say, a modern audi rs7, and the advances of the modern-day generation are apparent. at this point, it appears bentley’s platform can be on the outer fringe of its life span.

we also weren’t fanatics of the carbon-fiber indoors trim in our check vehicle. the full call of the cloth is “carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic” in any case, and plastic has no region in a bentley interior. with this kind of wondrous range of woods to pick from courtesy of the marque’s mulliner department, why could you agree for an appliqué that any halflluent schmoe can upload to his leased s4? verdict: the 8-cylinder continental’s moves keep it compelling, in spite of its age and relative jet-set ubiquity.