2017 Renault Clio Review

The clio has been demanding me this month. and now not most effective that, the reality it’s demanding me is stressful me, as it shouldn’t annoy me. it’s an amazing automobile, you notice. however with stressful bits. the entirety fine i said in my ultimate evaluate stays authentic: the clio handles well, its engine is a fizzy little issue, and it’s truly amusing to pressure on the u . s . roads that cause my domestic in sussex.

however, the little bugbears are beginning to mount up; little things that wouldn’t be that demanding on their very own, however, when they arise each day, honestly start to grate.first off, the keyless entry machine is being a ache. in idea, you truely keep the keycard in your pocket, and press a button at the door take care of to release or lock the door. which, whilst it really works, is awesome; no faffing about with keys. but the trouble is, it’s massively temperamental. occasionally – too often to be desirable – it simply doesn’t paintings.

2017 Renault Clio

2017 Renault Clio

even when the card is subsequent to the deal with, multiple presses of the button do nothing in any way, that means i need to seize the cardboard from my pocket and press the unlock button on there. there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or purpose to its normal disasters, as ten minutes after ignoring all efforts to make it work, it’ll be great again.i’ve additionally had a tyre strain caution mild seem on the dash, but having checked all the pressures, the whole lot seems to be in order. fortunately, removing the light become without a doubt a case of going via the infotainment system to the relevant screen, and hitting ‘reset’. mind you, i suppose i’d as a substitute it become oversensitive than not paintings whilst there’s a real problem with the tyre.

a couple of different annoyances haven’t been the clio’s fault, although. first of all, i attempted to healthy my bike rack on the boot, and due to the layout of the tailgate, the hooks wouldn’t match over the pinnacle of it. that’s extra an incompatibility trouble with my aftermarket rack than any fault of the automobile, and to be honest, renault do sell roof bars that will healthy to the clio and allow a roof rack to be equipped. if we had been preserving the auto for longer, i’d probably get a few fitted.

then, even as commuting, an errant stone on the toll road flicked up and placed a small chip within the windscreen, happily now not in my direct eyeline. some days later, i observed a ding on the pinnacle of the bonnet, too, which had taken a flake of paint away to expose bare steel, and which i will best anticipate was also the result of a stone. commonly, we’d get those sorted right away, but my calendar for the next month is quite rammed, and neither of them are severe troubles, which will look forward to now.